Social Media has changed SEO purposes. SEO near me in the era of Social Media intended to make Web Pages can be in the top 10 search results, both on the search engine as well as on the social media services. In other words, your keywords should be able to look at your site and social media profiles. In order to be in the top 10 search results (both on Social Media and Search Engines), the first step begins with choosing the right keywords. In the next step, you must optimize your content, navigation, and structure in order to create a search-friendly web page or social media profile. The point is, that the keywords you select and place on the web or social media must be easily recognizable by the search engine.

This article will review how to choose the right keywords in order to boost search results on search engines and Social Media. Make sure that the keywords you use are not only recorded by the Search Engines in general, but also by the Search Engine on Social Media services.

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Before you choose a keyword, first make a list of search terms associated with your website or social media profile. Find at least the 30 search terms that you can use in the content on your website. Think and find words or terms that will be used by your prospective customers to find products or services to which your company flagship. And here are some tricks to build the right keywords for search engines and social media:

Start with brainstorming do brainstorming to find all the keywords used by your target audience. The emergence of Social Media will further help in seeing a trend. Asks the other Social Media users, will be able to increase the choice of keywords.

Think about the Term

Find all the Industry Terms associated with your product or your company. The term related industries with products and services you provide should be part of your keywords. Make a list and find all these terms. If the Industry Term could be part of your keywords, then the more it will refine the keywords you want to include on the Website and Social Media.

Use the Keyword Search Tool

Use one or a few free Keyword Search Tools. By using it, you will discover other keywords related to keywords of your choice, how often internet users enter keywords into the search box, and how many other websites that use the same keywords as your choice. The free Keyword Search Tools will also help you at the time brainstorm to find keywords.

Here are some free tools you can use is finding the right keywords for Search Engines and Social Media:

Digital Point, provides a keyword tracking tool, as well as will provide rankings on keywords. Google Insights, provides research results on keyword trends. Google Adwords Keyword Tool, provide statistics on the keywords you enter. Google Adwords Keyword Tool, identify the number of searches on a particular keyword or phrase. With the keyword tool, then you will find information about the keywords you select. Google’s Wonder Wheel, features all the keywords related to keywords you enter the Wheel. With Google’s Wheel, then you will find a picture like a mind map related to the keyword of your choice. Ken, an add-on to the toolbar in the Firefox browser, which displays the keywords that best describe the web page you are visiting. With the add-on of Kgen, you can visit your competitor’s website, and can search for keywords that they will use.
Check who is your competitor
In a business, competition is a natural thing. You must know and can map where you are, and whoever your competitors are.

Note the tag clouds

Check the tag clouds associated with the topics and keywords you will use. Note the tag cloud on Social Media services, or special blog Search Engines to see the popularity of various keywords. Tag clouds will help you to get all the things that are popularly associated with a particular topic. Contact Metroit Media Creative Agency for more about marketing online and boosting your business.