In the age where new businesses are opening and closing on a daily basis, as a new business owner you want to do all that you can to make sure you are not one of those businesses having to close their doors. In order for your business to grow and succeed, you need to get your name out there in front of potential customers and keep it there. The more a potential customer sees and identifies with your business, the more likely they are to be open to what you offer. Some techniques that have proven effective are unique and innovative marketing gifts and ideas, Warm-call gifts, and Advertising Specialties. This is when you can turn to a gift basket professional. Professional Gift Basket Retailers are the premier “business resource” to aid in these projects.
WARM-CALL GIFTS – Warm-call gifts are inexpensive gifts designed to catch the attention of the intended, and put your business name out there with something catchy they will remember. Gift Basket Professionals help companies obtain sales presentations by creating unique and often themed WARM-CALL GIFTS that catch the attention of the decision maker. For example, a tag line card that says, “”We would love to talk with you!”” attached to a delicious chocolate cell phone in a patterned cello bag with a coordinating bow or personalized custom logo ribbon. This idea is an inexpensive, yet unique and catchy way to get your business name out there and remembered. This is the key to business growth and success.

ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES – By offering ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES (items like mugs, pens, etc. with the company logo), gift basket professionals help a company keep their name in front of their clients. Most gift basket retailers have access to over 100,000 items and offer to warehouse a supply for quick and easy insertion into a gift basket. Or perhaps a sales presentation has been set up to meet with 10 executives and the business needs 10 presentation gifts. Using mugs with the company logo, it easy to customize the gifts with cookies, coffee, tea, chocolate etc. Of course, using the corporate colors and imprinted ribbon with a witty phrase makes the gifts stand out, which is exactly what your business needs. (It says nonverbally- “”We’re better than the rest. Using our services will make YOU better than the rest.””).

Building good relationships with existing clients and customers, as well as new ones, is one of the best ways to increase your business and maintain success. In order to help companies strengthen that relationship with a client or customer, THANK YOU GIFTS are a must. The important thing is that the client or customer feels appreciated by your company.

CUSTOM IMPRINTED RIBBON adds an elegant and personalized touch. Imprinting “Thank you from XYZ company. We appreciate you!” on the cascading ribbons, shows your customer or client that this is a custom made gift just for them. This special attention to clients is a great way to facilitate referral customers. Let’s face it; happy customers share their experiences with others.

HOLIDAY GIFTS – The holidays are a perfect time to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. While all businesses are sending out their holiday cards and your customers’ mailboxes are getting full, a gift basket hand delivered to their door, says so much more. During this busy time of year, your customer sees that they and their business are important to you.

Now that you are acquiring new customers and keeping your current clients happy, let’s not forget your employees. Having a positive employee – employer relation is crucial and this relationship reflect toward your customers. Employees that feel appreciated are more likely to perform to higher standards, as they feel their work is valued. This in turn increases your businesses productivity. “”Treat your employees and clients like gold and you will prosper””. This is a sound motto for any business and to succeed, you should steadfastly adhere to this one sentence. The feelings of appreciation are overwhelming, and this is good for business and morale! The most successful companies have employees that love coming to work.

EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION PROGRAMS, which are so vital to the morale and retention of wonderful employees. From awards for landing that new account to recognizing a length of service (work anniversary), to acknowledging a birthday, the appreciation programs are worth their weight in gold.

SPECIAL OCCASION GIFTS – It is also great for your businesses to show a personal side – Treat the employees like they are part of a “Company Family”. When an employee or client has a death in the family, or if he or she is ill or perhaps has an addition to their family (new baby), this becomes a great way to send a gift and show how they are truly appreciated and a part of the company.

REMINDER SERVICES – Many Gift Basket Retailers offer Gift Reminder Services. These services take all the work out of your gift giving. Simply provide the dates, occasions, and gift basket selection, and the Gift Basket Professional will take care of making sure the gift is delivered. This is perfect for an EMPLOYEE BIRTHDAY PROGRAM. Have a wonderful birthday gift for your employees delivered on the special day. Never have to worry about forgetting a special occasion again.

Gift Basket Retailers and Professional Corporate gift specialists are indeed a wonderful business resource. The smart and successful companies have established relationships with gift professionals and continue to watch their businesses prosper by utilizing the creative abilities and the personalized services offered by gift basket companies.

In order for your business to grow and succeed, you need to get your name out there in front of potential customers and keep it there. The more a potential customer sees and identifies with your business, the more likely they are to be open to what you offer. Gift Basket Professionals are a wonderful tool to aid in your marketing strategies.