You can buy just about anything online these days. Especially a lot of things you can’t find in stores. Online purchases are a good way to sell, trade or buy used books. I absolutely love to read, but one thing I hate about being a book lover is paying expensive prices for brand new books. Forget Barne’s and Noble! I really don’t like being ripped off for things I can buy for a fraction of the price somewhere else, like the Internet. Used books are just as good, and best of all, cheaper too! The only thing that I HATE about buying from the Internet is shipping fees. Dang it, if it weren’t for shipping fees, I’d probably never leave the house for shopping trips again. I love getting great deals on books I find on the Internet. Buying online really saves you a lot of money and time looking for the books you want. I always try to find the lowest prices available, and I’m sure you’d love to find them too. Here are some website recommendations:
Of course Ebay is one of the best sites to buy used items from. But if you’re looking for books, you will most likely be able to find even the rarest books here, and at some pretty low prices. The only thing that frustrates me with buying on this site, is being outbidded by people. I have gotten brand new books for as low as $.99, when the store prices are usually $15 or more. And that’s quite a deal! Ebay is a great store, and the prices will vary, but you’ll find a lot of good deals on this site. There’s never been a time where I was looking for a book, typed it in search, and it wasn’t there. Best part about Ebay is that when you’re done reading the books, you can post an auction on them, so someone can buy it right back!

Amazon is also another great site with many new and used books for very low prices. They have a great selection, and many copies of many books, at offer them all at different prices. Shipping on amazon isn’t quite that bad. Sometimes they have deals on their shipping, and it’s pretty cheap to get 1-2 day shipping. If you get lucky, sometimes sellers ship items for free. I love buying things from the Internet, and Amazon really has the best shipping prices. Another thing I like about Amazon, that is really unique is that they have a list of items recommended for you, based on your search history on amazon, and your purchases. This really helps me to find a lot of new books, within the same categories that I love to read.

-Google Shopping.
Google can help you search many of things, including shopping items! There’s a special part of the site that you can type in what you’re looking for, and search results will come up with a good list of many copies of the book you’re looking for, different stores, and different prices. This can help you a lot when you’re shopping on the Internet, not only for books, but many things. It also helps you find the best prices. You can do a search of prices, low to high, and they will offer you the best.

Another one of my favorites to purchase books from, is Biblio. There are many different sellers that sell books on Biblio, which makes it even easier to find great prices. If I don’t find a good price on amazon or ebay, I can always find a good price on this website. The shipping prices are decent, and finding the best price on any book you’re looking for is made easy. There are millions of books on this website. This site is a book readers heaven. They have a great selection of books, and even better great prices.

I find the lowest prices on Alibris than I do any other website. This is the number one website I go to for buying books. Most of the sellers on this website offer very cheap prices, and on some books they offer free shipping. There’s a wide selection of books on their website, and they have promotional offers such as “Buy two books from the same seller and get free shipping”. Which is always a great deal for anyone! They offer tons of used and new books at very low prices, that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I love this website, and you’ll most likely be as happy with their prices as I was.

-The first thing you want to do is compare prices. Find one of the books you want from a few different websites, and compare. See which one is the cheapest, and make sure you get the lowest price you can find. That’s the key to shopping online! This can save you a lot of money, and that’s what’s greatest about internet shopping. The only thing I absolutely HATE is shipping prices.
-Also, make sure the website you’re buying from shows you the shipping prices first. I ordered a book from a website once, and it asked me to pay before it even showed how much shipping costs would be. They ended up being around $17, to ship two books. I then realized why they didn’t show me the prices. That’s just ridiculous for shipping.