What makes a great TV commercial? What does it take to grab the attention of the audience? Funny TV commercials are the single most effective marketing tool that a company can have. If you have a team of marketing professionals that can consistently design and produce funny TV commercials, then your company has a good shot at attracting new business in good markets. The trick is making these funny TV commercials, though. Since commercials cost so much money on television, companies can suffer great losses if their funny TV commercials end up being hit or miss. That is why most companies stick to the basic mold. They have determined what is funny and they are determined not to deviate from that in their newest funny TV commercials.
Funny TV commercials need to be simple. When Budweiser debuted its “Wazzup” commercial, people laughed. That was a funny TV commercial in its purest form. The joke was there, the actors played it well, and people understood that this was one of the funny TV commercials of all time. When companies try to get too trick or complicated with their funny TV commercials, the crash and burn is not pretty. Corporations and their marketing professionals operate under the sad assumption that the American public is stupid. The worst part about it is that they are right. If they tried to use advanced humor or social satire in their funny TV commercials, most of the people watching the funny TV commercials would completely miss the joke.

Funny people are essential to funny TV commercials. Ever wonder why Cedric the Entertainer gets hired to star in funny TV commercials? He’s a funny guy, that’s why. Humorous actors can make up for some problems with the script. If Will Ferrell were in funny TV commercials, most folks would laugh and enjoy them regardless of the punch lines of the jokes. Rarely will you see companies use little known actors in their funny TV commercials because they can not take the risk that it might not turn out well.

Funny TV commercials can make or break a business. A great commercial can lead to a spike in business and can put a company on the map. Those expensive crash and burn funny TV commercials can leave corporations scrambling to hit numbers and wondering where their marketing budget went. Because of this, the smart companies stick to the basics and ensure that they do not try too hard with their funny TV commercials.