Viral marketing is a great way to increase your brand or website awareness and exponentially increase the amount of visitors or customers you receive, without having to do an enormous amount of work once the viral marketing campaign takes off.
There are a lot of ways to employ viral marketing to favor your business, some work better than others but the principal points that you should focus on remain the same.

Here some viral marketing ideas that you can employ to favor your business:

Create a rebrandable ebook. You can create an ebook with links to your products inside it and allow people to rebrand it with their own affiliate links, as long as they keep your products in the book. This is an excellent way to promote your products as it

1) gives to others a good reason to promote your book

2) it recruits an affiliate army for you and

3) it does not involve much additional work on your part.

Create a video. If you use the video to promote your website then you must do it so that the people want to send it to their friends. The most effective way of doing this is by making it funny. People want to send funny videos on to their friends more than any other genre.

Begin a competition. You can say to all your visitors of website that the person that sends you the most of the sales/signups/visitors will obtain a cash reward or a free product or something else that they will want. This is an extremely easy idea to put in action, and can result in a large number of people doing a lot of work for you.

Create a game section on your website. Most people love to play games, they like to relax and play a small game and this is an excellent occasion to keep them coming back to your website. You can get free games everywhere on the Internet and it is not difficult to install them.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to get viral marketing working for your website and business. The results of viral marketing can be extremely profitable.