Election? It’s a question of whether we really have a choice? Choose republican or democrat. Go in one direction or the other?
Why isn’t there a middle of the line? Why isn’t there someone we can go to who cares about the more important issues such as the economy rather than social issues?

The idea of the two party system has been outdated ever since social media became wide stream. Now there are people popping up and performing items of amusement by ganging together such as the group found at ImprovEverywhere. Then there is also the ruse earlier this year called Kony 2012.

So if people are wiling to get together to support causes such as this, why can’t people also band together to get rid of the two party system? All it takes is each person going down to the booth and voting for the independent party.

Regardless of your affiliation, the fact is the two party system is failing America and many of the proposed changes are pushed out because of the strong opposition on the opposite side. Because of this, new laws get stalled before they are given a chance to see if it would benefit, and laws once passed take longer periods of time to be repealed when they are detrimental.

Without two opposite sides, perhaps the more logical position would succeed.

In my opinion though, I feel that political parties aren’t for the people but are instead a way for ensuring job security for politicians. If you are affiliated with a political party and have your name out there as a representative politician with a clean record, there would likely be high ranking members within the party who would promote you to win offices provided they could control you. Once you go against them, you commit political suicide and are no longer backed by them.

Interesting how politics work.

In either case, social networking seems to be a tool that can destroy that platform. If people are more willing to get their news or discuss things without the media promoting two distinct parties, then perhaps an independent could win the election. Have enough independent individuals in the house and senate throws off the proposed security in a party system and then perhaps those truly interested in fixing America will become the lawmakers.

Just a thought.