Firstly, should Oprah Winfrey call about your small business be prepared to have a backup plan for increased production and delivery! Receiving a phone call from Oprah Winfrey’s camp is like winning the mega lottery for any size business. This woman has the absolute power to create instant overnight business success. That’s why every small business should inline their company to receive this recognition.

You are most likely saying to yourself, why would Oprah Winfrey even call about my little small business? Remember that Oprah is self-made and she profiles businesses that have strong storylines attached to them. Oops, I just told you the main secret to making Oprah call already! Oprah Winfrey likes local headlines and she likes to profile small businesses that achieve this success. As a small business, this is the easiest task to accomplish on a local level. Local newspapers as fueled by small business storylines and success stories.

Do you have to be making tons of money to get your small business noticed in the local news? Laugh out loud! Heck no, most small businesses profiled in the local news are generally there because of their business concept and small business niche approach.

Again, why would Oprah Winfrey want to profile a small business? Local newspapers look for small businesses with unique business niches and approaches. When you opened the doors of your small business you most likely had an idea of what would make you different or even better. There you have it that is your niche or better know to local news reporters as a pitch! Oprah is moved by business storylines to which any size business can make a difference.

Make Oprah find you first! After all she will never take your calls no matter how many times you call. The biggest secret to make Oprah call is to standout in the crowd! Local Realtors should offer niche services that will gather local press attention. An example would be to hold a seminar on how to help baby boomers solve housing problems. Find a niche that makes your business standout and pitch it for media attention. A Bankruptcy Attorney could hold a free seminar on how to reorganize debt keying in on national crisis like stopping foreclosures, etc.

A little known secret to make Oprah find your small business is to use press releases. Local journalists often reviews and covers storylines directly from press releases. A well written press release could put you one step closer to helping the Queen of Media Oprah Winfrey find your small business!

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