Let’s get down to the basics of Google AdSense, the primary online ad serving wing of Google for Web developers. Sure you might be excited to know even the smallest of websites can make a profit off of advertisements, but there are always those little niches that you need to know about the service before you get too excited. After all, AdSense isn’t a miracle by any stretch of the imagination, and Google does rake in some significant dough from the program.
AdSense is the frontend of AdWords, which is essentially the backend (how advertisers enroll to show off their ads on your site) of the AdSense program. You will be displaying relevant text, video, or image advertisements to the user on your webpage, which may generate a click. Google will either pay you for an impression (when the ad is displayed) or for a click (when the ad is actually “clicked” on, or visited). Most of the time, however, the big money comes from clicks.

There are No-Nos, however. One of the big rules Google likes to crack down on is encouraging advertisement clicking from people merely to get revenue. This includes, but is not limited to “Hey Click this”, “Click on my AdSense Ads”, or “Visit the Advertisers” and other phrases that encourage uninterested people to visit the advertisers. You are, on the other hand, allowed to say both “Sponsored Links” and “Advertisements” around the ads.

What Google will not tell you is that the minimum payout for their AdSense program is $100. So, if you aren’t in it for the long run, things can be difficult. However, if you choose to quit after your account has earned $10, you will be payed immediately. At $10 you also get to select a payment method from Google, but that won’t matter until you get about 100 big ones.

Overall, AdSense is one of the leading online frontend advertising services out there. You need to be aware of the risks such as the high payment threshold, unfair click-raising tactics such as “Click these!”, and the different prices awarded to different keywords. You also must know the benefits: you are working with one of the most trusted names on the net, your ads will be relevant to your users, and the pay is not half bad at all. So, keep on working on maximizing traffic and AdSense will correspond with an increase in your money!


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