These days there are so many ways to get in contact with people for communicating and sharing interests to furthering a career. What better place for an artist to be than a social network? Artist are always looking for those who have the “know”, who do the same thing, who critique work, buy it, you name it. So how beneficial would a network just for artists and those in the art world be? Quite beneficial, especially when it comes to cost. Being part of a social network as an artist could be quite cost effective.
With all the things that a social network allows one to do, it must be or at least should be the ideal or dream haven for the artist. Not only can they display an entire artist’s profile but they are allowed to display their work in a variety of different ways, stills, slide shows and even videos to help promote their work. Critics and buyers themselves can benefit as well because through these means they can get a preview of what an artist has to offer. And all of this can be done totally for free and without ever having to leave the home, office, or ever city or state.

There are several great social networks out there that can be very beneficial to the artist.

One of them being Artist2Artist which is a site that helps the artist make connections by chatting with fellow artists, curators, artist reps all of which is in “real time”. It allows the artist to create their own discussion groups, blogs and forums. The artist even has access to a variety of art lessons, interviews, exhibition reviews, lectures and much more.

The artist can exhibit their work for viewing or critiquing, create image libraries, portfolios, share their audios, podcasts, videos, list and share upcoming events, shows, online galleries and other resources. They even offer exhibition and income generated possibilities to any artist that is part of this network.

MyArtInfo is a good site for artists only. This is a gathering center for artists from all over the world where artists share their work with other artists and are able to give their input on their work to one another. This site also provides them with job listings for a variety of different types of artists that are needed around the world.

Artition is your typical social network that offers all the same things that other social networking offers like profiles, uploading, blogging, chat, etc. It does though add an online store where each artist can sell their work on. Great for those who don’t get much exposure to actual exhibitions.

A network that first started off as a forum for poets only has now blossomed into a full social network called The Verbal Artist. They now offer an array of options from image and video displays to audio, blogs and chats all centered around the creative minds of poets, singers, painters, writers, photographers and all others who have an artistic talent they want to share with the rest of the world.

If all you are interested in is singing and don’t want to drudge through all the lists of artists on some of these other networks, don’t despair, Vocalist Online is probably what you are looking for. This is a site where you can upload your music, share with others, enjoy other works by other vocalists, join channels, groups and make friends with the same musical interests.

These are just a few of the artist related networking sites that an artist might find not only informative but beneficial to perhaps kick starting their careers. If nothing else, they are great places to share your triumphs and woes with those who get it, who understand.