Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites on the Internet. More users update their Facebook pages every day than call, write, email, and text family and friends combined. With such power, businesses are quickly joining in the social networking revolution.
How to Set Up a Business Facebook Account

Businesses can setup a Facebook account with their business name as the main user name. From there, they simply need to add a page with all the details of their business. The main business page can be used to update customers on current sales and promotions, and share information on the business in general. Many business owners link their Facebook accounts with Twitter accounts and share many of the same updates with Twitter followers.

In addition to a main Facebook page, some businesses choose to leverage the power of ads to increase fans, followers, and traffic. Ads are placed throughout the main website and link directly to the main Facebook page of a given business. Ads cost money, however, so smaller businesses will need to revert to cost free marketing methods in place of spending advertising money on Facebook ads.

Making the Most of Your Social Networking Platform

There is a difference between offering good information to a reader and hard sell. Facebook pages are a luxury that businesses use to market products and services. If every post, update, and share is a hard sell – soon followers will drop the page from their favorites out of sheer boredom or exhaustion. Light, airy messages are often taken better than a sell, sell, sell approach.

Creative writing can combine the light and airy with the soft sell, however, to create the optimal Facebook business post. Remember to offer good information, update often, and share coupons with followers that cannot be found elsewhere. If Facebook fans believe they are being treated to something spectacular, they will share their experience with others who will then favorite your page and increase traffic even more.

Leave the Bling at Home

Myspace was the bling in social networking, Facebook is different. There is no bling to confuse, lure, or entice visitors and that’s just how visitors like it. Businesses are forced to put their best foot forward and offer real coupons, real information, and real communication. This forces businesses both online and offline, to step up the writing game and, at times, hire out Facebook and other social posts to a professional writer. Without the bling, only great content is left.