Everyone knows that backlinks are one of the most important factors for good SEO. What many people fail to realize is that you do not need to pay for your backlinks, here are three of the most common way to build backlinks for SEO:

  • Free
  • Exchange
  • Pay for Backlinks


To build free backlinks you will need to invest some time and energy. One example is by commenting on blogs similar to your website, and leaving a link back to your website within the comment. Another method is social bookmarking, where you submit your website to social bookmarking sites and get a backlink. Finally you can write articles and submit them to article directories, thus gaining a backlink.


Exchanging links, known as a link exchange, is another method for building backlinks for SEO. Simply contact webmasters in your niche, but not direct competition, and offer to place a link to their website in return for a link to your website. You now have a free backlink through an exchange. Additionally many people also contact each other on webmaster forums and propose link exchanges in this manner. If you plan on doing a link exchange one of the better ways is to do a three way link exchange, as opposed to the above mentioned reciprocal link exchange. A three way link exchange works something like this:

Site A links to Site B

Site B links to Site C

Site C links to Site A

What this does is provide each website with a backlink while helping to cover your tracks. It is widely believed that Google gives less SEO value to reciprocal backlinks, this method helps you to work around that.

Paying for Backlinks:

There are several different ways to go about paying for backlinks. This has a few disadvantages, first it is costly and second Google tries to discourage this practice by constantly updating their algorithms, so you may actually end up penalized. One of the safest forms of paid backlinks is to pay to be included in a high authority website directory or to pay for press releases to high authority websites. These are seen as backlinks for traffic, which are okay in Google’s eyes, but they also count as good backlinks for SEO.

Hopefully you have now learned a bit more about the three most common ways to build backlinks for SEO benefits. Remember, you don’t have to pay for backlinks and if you want to pay there are some cheaper and less risky methods.