If you are involved in SEO then you probably already know the importance of do follow back links. What you may not know is that there is a new, extremely easy, way to find do follow blogs to gain back links from. This article will lay it out for you.
One of the most important aspects of a quality back link, in Google’s eyes, is that is do follow. Do follow is simply the term coined for the lack of ‘rel nofollow’ on a URL. ‘Rel nofollow’ is an attribute used for links on websites that basically tells the Google spiders, which continually crawl web pages, not to count this link as a back link. It was developed as a hope of reducing comment spam on blogs. WordPress blogs automatically are set up to make all links in comments no follow. Lately blog owners, especially those that are SEO minded, have decided to remove no follow from their blogs as a means of encouraging extra traffic and comments from fellow webmasters. These blogs are called do follow blogs.

What you may not realize is that a person has to intentionally decide to make their blog do follow. The most common reason is so that other webmasters will come and post relevant comments, with their link, and thus it makes their blog seem more popular. Now webmasters are not going to do this and not tell anyone, that defeats the whole purpose. So what do they do to get the word out? They use the classic “U Comment, I Follow” image, which is also called the do follow badge on their web site. This opens up another, incredibly easy, way to find do follow blogs.

This SEO method requires nothing more than using the Google search engine and a few seconds of your time to find do follow enabled blogs. Here it is:

The do follow badges (“U Comment, I Follow” images) that do follow blogs display almost always have a common file name. All you need to do is use Google image search to find these files, and thus, find do follow blogs.

Common do follow badges will have one of these file names:

– ifollowblue.gif

– ifollowred.gif

– ifollowpink.gif

– ifollowpurple.gif

– ifollowwhite.gif

– ifolloworange.gif

– ifollowgreen.gif

– In addition many use an image simply called ‘ifollow’ with a file type of: .gif,.jpg,.png

All that you need to do is type this word, with the inurl: attribute before it, into Google Image Search, the results will be blogs which have the do follow badge, and thus are do follow enabled. For example a search would look something like: inurl:ifollowblue.gif. Now you are ready to comment spam away! Another factor, aside from do follow, that determines how powerful a back link will be is relevancy. This means that if your site is about cars a back link from a do follow blog about car parts will be much more valuable than a back link from a do follow blog about sandwiches. Because of this it is a good idea to use