If you have a website or blog but have found it difficult to achieve the kind of traffic that you need, or perhaps your traffic is just not targeted enough, then you need to read this article. There are some great tips that you can easily employ in order to quickly get tons of highly targeted traffic to your website or blog. No more slaving away for hours on traditional SEO techniques, these are the simplest and quickest methods for getting the targeted traffic that your website needs to make you money.

As most people know traffic is not that difficult, anyone can get thousands of hits of social bookmarking traffic or redirect traffic from non-competitive keywords. What is hard to get, however, is the kind of traffic that you want in order to earn – highly targeted and natural traffic. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to milk Google for tons of great highly targeted organic traffic every day.

The first method is a very simple little trick. Now we all know that social networking traffic does not convert very well because it is not targeted. What you may not know is that Digg.com submission links rank extremely high for long-tail keywords almost instantly. This means that whenever you write a new blog post goes out there and submit it to Digg. Use your long-tail keyword as the title and a second long-tail keyword as the description. Now, within minutes to hours, you will be ranking on page 1 of Google for two targeted long-tail keywords. Allow these links only to hold the top spot for a few hours if you do your keyword research properly these few hours can yield thousands of highly targeted visitors to your blog. Write a few blog posts a day and submit them all to Digg in this fashion and you now of tons of free and highly targeted website traffic.

The next best way to get free highly targeted traffic is to simply rank well on Google by doing your keyword research. The number of hours it takes to get the number one spot for ‘lipstick’ can be spent to get the number one spot for hundreds of long-tail keywords such as ‘red lipstick’ and ‘lipstick prices’. Not only does a combination of long tail keywords usually yield more traffic for the time spent building backlinks and writing content but you now have more targeted, and thus higher-converting website traffic. In addition to this long-tail keywords are easier to keep at a high ranking while a competitive term may require daily work, this is a lot of work down the drain when you could be adding new and highly targeted keywords and ranking for them every day instead.

Try these simple techniques and start getting tons of highly targeted website traffic today, it is much simpler than you may think.