Rodger Visitacion and Vaibhav Domukundwar set out in 2006 to revolutionize the online rental business by allowing regular consumers the opportunity to rent out their own DVDs amp; Games. It’s estimated that consumers currently own over 10 billion movie titles which would give many people the chance to watch that elusive movie that they can’t find at their local video store. Even when pitted against industry giants like Netflicks and Blockbuster, is a winner.

iLetYou Vs Netflicks

Netflicks is currently the definitive online rental mogul. With over 80,000 titles and nearly 6.8 million subscribers, Netflicks is competitor to beat. While iLetYou, with a little under a year’s experience in the market, certainly can’t be Netflicks in product margin, they can beat them everywhere else. Netflicks forces it’s buyers to purchase subscription plans, iLetYou doesn’t. iLetYou actually allows it’s customers to individually rent, subscribe, or bundle their video selections from throughout their network’s stores. iLetYou also allows the renters to regulate the price of their rentals, which can mean big savings. And while Netflicks does have more titles, you have to rely on other users to tell you about them, where as the majority of rental stores on iLetYou are user-generated so when you ask about the sequel to your favorite indy flick, a live person answers.

iLetYou Vs Blockbuster Online

You don’t get anymore corporate in the rental industry than Blockbuster. They’ve been having brick n’ mortar retail stores for 22 yrs now. Now, unlike Netflicks, Blockbusters problem is it’s lack of research and development-creativity, if you will. Blockbuster didn’t pioneer online renting like Netflicks. It played it safe and waited until Netflicks did all the hard work and built an industry for them. Which explains why it’s sitting back and playing second fiddle while companies like Netflicks are in the No. 1 spot. So when you pit Blockbuster against iLetYou it’s very easy to see who comes out on top. Blockbuster currently offers in-store trades, which is great if you want to watch the latest box-office breaker, but horrible if you want to watch anything that’s more than 5 yrs old as the company is notorious for selling off their older films. Blockbuster also makes you take on a subscription, something again that iLetYou doesn’t require. Don’t forget that there’s even less likely of a chance of speaking to a person who actually knows about the film you’re interested in at Blockbuster, whether online or in person.

Right now iLetYou, like many other start-ups in the past, is the on the ground floor waiting to be discovered. More and more movie buffs are figuring out that they can get what they want, how they want it, and from this company alone. You can expect many great things from iLetYou in the future.