‘Infomercials’, as they’re sometimes called, are commercials that show a product and how it works. The commercials generally last much longer than a regular commercial, sometimes taking up as much time as a regular tv show. The featured products are often endorsed by celebrities and made available to the average consumer. Many people call the toll-free number, generally presented at the time of the infomercial, to order the product, but sometimes you can save money by purchasing these products online.
One site that sells these types of products is found at With more than 1400 products from which to choose, it’s a mega-store of useful products. The site offers a convenient alphabetized listing of the many items, or you can view categories to browse. Some items are even cheaper at the site than they are on the television ads. Pasta Pronto, Shed Ender, Urine Gone, Dual Drill, Smart Spin, BeDazzler, Swivel Sweeper and Pure Hoodia are amongst the items you’ll find.

A similar site is called As On TV, and features the alphabetized listing as well. They also list monthly specials to allow savings over the tv-advertised pricing. Browse through categories like automotive, cosmetics, kitchen, electronic, jewelry, sports and tools.

Practically every “As Seen On TV” product every advertised is available at Need help? Want to know even more about a particular product? They have an 800 number to call if you want to order offline or request more info. Purchase or find out more about Body Burner, Doggy Steps, Zone Pilates, Liquid Leather Repair Kit, or Scunci Steamer.

At you’ll find the usual tv-advertised products, but many of them deeply discounted. Diet assistants, kitchen helpers, automotive products, videos, cleaners, and beauty products are only the tip of the iceberg at this site that offers over a thousand products.

Although has many of the same products the other sites have, they offer discounts that can save on some items. But, they don’t feature the alphabetized listing, so you have to browse categories. They do have a wonderful search engine, though, that’s very accurate.

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