People get online for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a lasting, romantic relationship, while others want to connect with people from their past, make new friends, market heir businesses or product or make connections with people who have similar interests and hobbies.
Depending on the type of relationship you are looking for, there are a wide range of social networking websites and even social video game websites that will help facilitate it. Using online social networking sites can help you stay in touch with friends by sharing photos and stories easily, so it’s worth it to take some time to learn how to upload photos to the internet easily. Also, be sure to check out local online dating websites if you’re looking for a date online, too!

The steps are simple and the site’s resources are generally available to anyone with an email address. While most social networking sites are used by individuals, as their popularity has grown, many of these sites also offer space to musicians and bands, movies, TV shows and other entertainment or business ventures who wish to increase their visibility.

Tips for your social networking account
Before you sign up for an account, read these tips for how to behave on the sites–and be sure to ask someone to remove photos of you from their online photo albums if you are uncomfortable with photos that are online. Keep in mind that with Facebook, you can untag Facebook photos of yourself on your own, but they may still be online in a friend’s photo album.

Setting up a social networking profile on a social networking site
Site users are given a certain amount of space to put of pictures, sometime video and other graphics they feel express their individuality. There are guided formats that allow users to talk about interest and hobbies and to fill in other information. Be sure to upload the best photos to your social networking sites by following some best practice photo album tips and some tips to help you avoid sharing the wrong photos online. Sharing unflattering photos of your friends can be a social no-no.

How your social networking page will be found
Social networking site users usually find a user’s page either through a search of specific criteria or through their ‘friends’ list. A ‘friends’ list allows users to add people to their site in order to view their information, send email messages and follow their lives through their personal page. Users can choose to add as many or as few friends as they want. There are also groups memberships available such as alumni groups, groups for specific sports, bands, religions and other special interests for people who wish to connect based on lifestyles similarities.

Protecting children on social networking sites
Social networking sites are especially popular among teenagers, so much so that they have been banned or blocked in many schools. Parents: be sure that you monitor your children’s social networking activities, especially their online photo sharing. Students can create a personal page to share with the world or with their small group of friends. These sites allow users to have their own space on the internet with which to share themselves and their lives with others, however many times a lack of caution has led teenagers to make unwise decisions about revealing personal information.

Unfortunately, many social networking sites have not had many safe-guards in place to protect children from online predators, however, more recently, these social networking sites have worked to circumvent the attempts of predators to reach younger children. Read a government paper on what parents can do to protect their children from online preditors and other social networking site woes here. gained its popularity by word of mouth and online advertising, however has been criticized for its loose regulation of the types of pages visited by young children, the use of pornography by users, and the ease of which a child can side step age and privacy restrictions.