Some unique strategies can help green businesses to succeed. Here are five useful marketing tips for green businesses. They will help you to reach customers, improve your green credentials and market your business in a green way.
Strive to solidify your green credentials.

The greener you can be, the better! Not only does it serve the environment, it helps to identify you as an authentically green business. For instance, if you use, 90% recycled paper, strive for 100%. In the same way, a food producer might work to achieve organic certification. Working on your green credentials will help you to stand out in the market place.

Advertise your green credentials.

If you are doing green things, let your customers know. Include an insignia on marketing materials to indicate that you use recycled paper, are certified organic, etc. A website is a great place to advertise know what you are doing to support the environment. Customers need to know how and why you are a green company. A blog is a great place to highlight your green activities and business practices.

Target ‘green’ customers.

That doesn’t mean little green Martians! Advertise in places where people who buy green would hang out – some examples are universities and colleges, health food stores, etc. However, don’t forget that advertising to the mass market is also effective. Green is becoming more and more mainstream, and rightfully so.

Practice ‘green advertising’.

For instance, you could save trees by advertising on the Internet. An e-mail newsletter which your customers sign up for is a great paperless way to advertise. Opt for recycled paper and natural inks for any printed advertising.

Donate to green and ethical causes.

Donating a share of profits, time or supplies to a good cause is a great way to raise your profile as a company who cares about the environment and people. Some ideas are donating supplies to soup kitchens, a share of profits to local shelters or time to planting trees or wildlife conservation.

Green practices not only help trees to grow – they can help your business to grow! This idea is at the heart of green marketing tips.

A further resource for plenty of green business ideas is the treehugger website. There, you can find examples of many green businesses to give you inspiration. Click on the link at the end of this article to learn more.