Let’s face it. Times are downright tough. Gas prices are up. Food prices are up. Utilities cost more as do taxes. And the homes that once promised a secure retirement future are seeing a decrease in value. What’s a person to do? Plenty! You, as the marketer, can invest in people skills as a means to convince “the moon” that your product is better than anything else seen on the market. Not only is it better, it will last longer and you, the consumer, will get more for your hard earned cash. That is what marketing is all about. If your product is needed, than people will buy it. But people want to buy when promotions are available and money saving incentives are in place.
Places that offer special incentives or discounts can really help customers decide what is important. Even if the customer doesn’t need your particular product at that particular time or is unsure of two similar products, that discount just may encourage the purchase of your product.

Show why your recommendation for a certain product will be a cost effective solution for the consumer. Comparison shopping is a means to encourage the use of your product and the potential savings that the consumer will realize when your product is purchased. Promote sales. If the consumer were to order today, than offer a certain amount off the selling product. “Free shipping” can also be marketed. Especially is this of value since many consumers shop online for their specific needs.

Do you really want your consumer to know that what you are selling is a luxury item? Not really. During these financially depressed times, the first thing to go on the “to buy” list are luxury items. Let the consumer know that what he wants is an every day item which they absolutely must have and cannot live without. This is not a “once in a lifetime” purchase but an added item to their shopping cart.

Right now, quality is far more important than quantity. People do not want to replace purchased items within a few months. Your reputation hinges on quality items. People are finding they are “cash poor” and will become even more selective in their wants and desires. No more frivolous spending. No more buying cheap goods that will end in the trash can in a few months. Quality workmanship is in. Even though the dollar is not worth much, it still is a dollar and people want “more for their bucks.”

Yes, tough times are here and no one knows for how long. But money can be made even during a recession and depending how well you sell yourself and your product will determine how much money you have the ability to make.