Are you looking to create your own business cards but with as minimal cost as possible? And do you have your own great-looking photos? Then here is a great solution for you to design your own business cards at much cheaper rates possible. You can use your photos to your advantage by including them in your business cards as a promotional strategy.
And how you can effectively achieve this? To know this read the following tips:

1) To begin with you will need the different types of digital photos; preferably most suited to marketing and advertising field. You will also need your computer and any picture editing software like Google Picasa or Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. Along with this you will require photo quality paper and color ink jet printer.

2) First thing is to decide the most suited photo for showcasing on your business card. Select the photo which has more professional look, represents your company image and suitable for your advertising campaign.

3) After selecting the best photo, just copy it to your computer with the help of memory card and then stat editing it with the help of picture editing software. You can crop, brighten, resize or edit colors of the picture to make it suitable for your business card.

4) When you finish finalization of the photo processing then you will have to decide the layout of your business card. Being creative will help you in designing great looking business cards. The layout should contain the suitable advertising message, your company profile and the photo image. The processed photo can be displayed in the front or as a background image depending on your decision.

5) In the end, after completing the layout, just log on to the online business card designing websites like or These websites offer simple and easy to set up business card designs with great editing features. If you want to further edit your layout then you are welcome to do it. Here you can further easily add or resize images, import another graphics images. Designing business cards becomes easier task because of the auto fill features offered by these websites. They also offer easy to use print instructions. After finalizing the layout take printouts with your color ink jet printer and quality photo paper.

With the help of above simple to do instructions you should be able to design your own business cards with the help of your own digital photos. And all this process will save you significant amount of time and money.