I have searched the internet for ways to make money online. It is because I had fallen for the get rich schemes. Because I did not have the money, I could not purchase anything.
For days I searched on these topics trying to find a free offer. During my search I discovered I had been reading the same web page, over and over again. These pages were mixed up with different styles, and with different offers, and also worded differently but still the same page.

With that on mind, one of the pages literally gave itself to me. The idea is to purchase the package, after getting it in your hands, you setup websites selling the product.

Right here it is for free, how to make $1000.00 a day, and I am giving it to you. Those same adds that offer you the package on how to make $1000.00 a day, is the product being sold.

To word the last paragraph differently for clarity, the offer to buy a package that tells you how to make money, is the package you are buying. You buy it, get it, and then sell a package telling people how to make money.

It works like this, you get the package and then edit it, you change the style, price and keywords. The keywords are things like the address to send checks to, and also the name to write the checks to, along with changing the company name.

This is like buying and selling air in bottles and cans, it is like buying and selling blank greeting cards, and also like buying and selling soundless mp3 tracks. It is buying and selling nothing, for all amounts of money. You buy nothing, so you can teach another person to sell nothing.

A scam is a dishonest business, which is why it’s got the label ‘scam’. God dislikes a dishonest scale, and will reward us according to our works. On the other side God loves an honest scale, and will reward us according to our works. If you had obtained one million dollars in a dishonest way, then what you have in your hand is that same air you sold to get it. Jesus made the statement, what good does it do to obtain the whole world, just to forfeit your soul. Its a vain thing to become rich and then die, like winning the lotto and not waking up the next day.

Many people have fallen for this scam, and because I had no money I survived it. I hope you find this article before it gets you, since this article has given you that product for free, there is no reason to buy it.