With all of the competition on the Internet for digital products, a new marketers can quickly find themselves overwhelmed, and overspent, on a new advertising campaign. A great way to break into Internet marketing is through a strategy known as bum marketing, or advertising online with no budget. This article will provide a great overview strategy on how to bum market digital products on the Internet and make a substantial amount of sales without spending a dime on advertising.
One of the most tried and true bum marketing strategies is Yahoo! Answers. This works so well because Yahoo! Answers ranks incredibly well in major search engines. Why pay $1.00 per click to be on the top of a search phrase such as ‘how to lose belly fat’ when you can get the same results in a few minutes time with Yahoo! Answers. What you will want to do for this strategy is to make two accounts. With the first post a question, using your desired search phrase; in this instance it would appear as ‘how to lose belly fat?’. Now with your second question make a knowledgeable sounding answer and put the link to your digital product in the ‘source’ field and after a few days choose this as best answer. Voila! You now have your link at the top of Google without spending any cash!

Another great bum marketing strategy is article marketing. Writing unique articles, with subtle pre-sells to your digital product can work wonders. Submit these articles to article directories, the best of which being Ezine Articles. This allows you to get a nice sales pitch across and these article directories also rank at the top of search results exposing you to a large target based.

Finally you should consider getting into video marketing, more specifically YouTube. While this takes a bit of work because you have to create a video it can easily be done in Windows Movie Maker for free. Just put an informative slideshow and stick your URL, http included, in the start of the description. Use your desired search phrase for the title and you will, once again, have a result in the top of Google to drive potential customers to your digital product’s sales page without spending any money on advertising!

Hopefully you can take these basic bum marketing methods and apply them to your business model in order to advertise without a budget!