When you look on a writing job listing, you may be surprised to see how many job listings there are for keyword or SEO articles. You may also be surprised to see the low pay that is offered per each article. However, you may also notice that the job poster promises a lot of work.
So What Are Keyword Articles?
Keyword articles are short 400-600 word articles that contain a popular word or phrase several times. They are written for companies that need short articles as content and keywords to make them on the top of the search list when someone’s them.

What Do Keyword Articles Pay?
Typically, writing keyword articles pay only from $2-5 an article. This is extremely low!

So Why Do It?
Although the payment is extremely low, as a new writer, it can be tough getting into a decent paying writing job. Keyword writing is a great way to fill in your time in between paying writing jobs. You can consider keyword writing as the minimum wage job of writing. Many people claim to make a nice sum of money with keyword article writing because they are extremely fast and can write an article in 15-30 minutes. So say you can write three articles at $3 a piece in one hour, that is $9 an hour. I have done 3 sets of 5 articles so far. I am not the fastest writer and had to do a couple minutes of basic researching to get some material. However, I was able to write five articles in two hours. That paid me $7 an hour. For me, that was not too bad considering I might have done something less productive with that time. What is so great about these articles is that they are so short and just require common sense knowledge. For most topics, you can write off the top of your head!

Where to Find Work?
There are honestly so many websites and people waiting to pay for keyword articles. The best place I find keyword article jobs on (under my city/everywhere and under writing jobs) and on

Is It Worth It?
So, is it all worth it, you ask. It definetly depends. If you can sign up with a site that will offer new keyword jobs everyday and you can write these articles like no tomorrow, then I would say it is worth it for you. I said earlier that I can write and make $7 an hour through keyword articles. If I decided to make that a full day job and worked 8-10 hours a day, then I would only be making $56-70 a day. However, say I took an hour or two every day, say in between checking my email and maintaining my blog. I can make $49-$98 a week. This is a great idea for people like college students or stay at home parents. I think it is worth a try and after one job you decide you do not like it, you can take your couple of bucks and treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee.