One of the most important advantages of your own digital products like reports, eBooks, software, etc. is that you take the 100 x 100 of the profits. Many ways of marketing your own products are different from the affiliate products and so, you can have more ways to implement different marketing strategies.
If you want to create your won eBook or report what just do the following. Go to and search book about the topic you want to write. Then check if the eBooks Amazon shows have that tag “search inside”.

The “search inside” means that you can go inside the book and find topic you are looking for. Remember you must first have to open an Amazon account and have to buy something first. For example if your ebook is going to be about how to attract women then you go to Amazon and search for book with the “Search Inside” logo and select one, then what you are going to do next is the following: type in the search terms you want for example “how to get women”, “conquer women” and so on, then check the results. Not all the results are relevelant, you must check to see the good results for you ebook.

Another way is to search in Google with powerful and secret commands such as:

  1. Allinurl: with this command Google find your keywods in the url of the sites. Example: allinurl: marketing article
  2. Allintitle: with this command Google find your keywods in the title of the sites. Example: allintitle: marketing article
  3. Allinanchor: with this command Google find your keywods in the anchor text of the sites. Example: allinanchor: marketing article

A very good website is Kasamba. This site has expert in also every aspect of technology, science, art. You can, for example, ask to an expert about the topic you are interested, then record the interview for an audio course or you can make a video, this kind of products are more valuable a you can be paid more.

If you need to create a website or software you can go Scriptlance, RentaCoder, “”. We recommend Scrioplance because is very simple to use and you can pay via credit card or Paypal by opening an account. They also have certified member and a good forum.

Also you can search for article websites and content creation pages, or to webmasters libraries in Google.