Leaders of the social networking revolution probably never thought a simple idea like sharing personal, social information would turn out to be such a major business platform. Social networking may have started as a place where people could share photos, updates, feelings, and celebrations but today the business world is taking over.
Are You Marketing to the Tens of Millions?

Many businesses have jumped on the social networking bandwagon. The first were major corporations with money to spend on advertising and professional writers. Soon, the medium sized businesses took note of the power of social media and joined the game. Finally, the small businesses located all over the world set up business social media accounts and started leveraging the power of people.

If you have a business, you need to have a social media account – it is that simple. The most popular websites include Facebook and Twitter, but smaller niche networks are also gaining popularity. If people share personal experiences on a website, a business can find followers and potential clients and customers there too.

What is in Store for the Future of Social Networking?

Just as Google climbed the ranks and earned the top spot for most popular search engine, networks will continue to flourish. Changes are inevitable, especially with concerns over the safety of personal information, but this is to be expected when website grow as fast as social networks. While businesses may use mainstream websites today, niche networking could be where the real power lays in tomorrow’s business world.

What if there were a social network set up for consumers looking to research products. Product reviews have some of the highest page views on the Internet and major corporations note the power consumers have over price as mobile devices allow them to search the Internet for the best price from inside the store. If there were a social network set up to share product reviews and business reviews, consumers could have the upper hand in setting prices for goods and services.

Another huge change many businesses would love to see are local social networks or derivations of major websites with a more local feel. Today, global businesses see the most benefit from sharing in the social media experience, but smaller more localized mom and pops have to market their services to a very narrow crowd. Localized social networks could narrow down the potential customer pool to users who are within a set distance from the physical business.

Social networking is in the beginning stages of something spectacular. Experts warn that mobile devices and constant Internet connections will make leaving the home a luxury rather than a necessity in the very near future. With this change on the horizon, social networking businesses are staged to be more successful than ever before as less people leave the house.

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