Non-profits today are taking advantage of the many cost-effective benefits that social media has to offer. Since people love to support causes that they deem worthy, non-profits often have a much higher follower base than companies do.


So how can your company benefit from partnering with a non-profit over social media? Oh let me count the ways…
Recognition for a monetary or pro bono donation.

If you have recently given a monetary or pro bono gift to a charity, don’t be shy in asking them to plug your business or retweet and share your updates once in a while. More than likely they will welcome the opportunity to reward you for your generosity. Post information about the charity or share their important updates with your followers.

Become an advocate of the charity you would like to partner with. Post pictures if you go to their events, ask your followers to follow them, or broadcast their important posts to your followers. This type of activity boosts the social appeal of your accounts by showing you care about giving back to your community and are committed to a cause.

Pretty soon your name will be synonymous with the name of that charity in the eyes of your followers. Partner up for a contest or other marketing campaign.

Cause-marketing is a standard marketing strategy and can be even more effective when social media is involved.
So how do you decide what charity to partner up with?

Choose a charity that has a strong social media presence and strategy. Take into consideration how consistently they post, the quality of their posts, how many followers they have, and of course, if they are active on the same social media platforms as you (i.e. Twitter, FB, etc.) Choose a charity that is supported by your target audience.

Putting your name in front of lots of people is great, but not if they aren’t likely to visit your business. Make sure you support a charity that reaches the people and community you are trying to reach. Choose a charity you are passionate about. DON’T just choose a charity based on how you can benefit from them. Above all, you should support a cause that you really believe in and are passionate about advancing.