SEO keywords are actually very important in any form of article writing. If you choose to write without having SEO optimization, it is actually fine too. But the only difference is that your articles will not be found on search engines that easily.
Therefore, should you decide to learn SEO techniques and hence, equipping yourself to become an SEO Specialist, for that matter? Or should you only follow your instincts and just keep on writing without caring so much about traffic. Because of the concept idea that if you write very well, your articles will be found eventually. So which category do you belong to? Are you the free and easy type whereby whenever you feel like you want to reassess your SEO optimization, you include that on your articles or whenever you feel like only wanting to write whatever is in your mind, you do that without caring for any SEO techniques. So which do you belong to?

If I think it right, I’d say both options are important. One needs creativity in writing and if an article is filled with lots of keywords without having any body of content, I’ll definitely not be looking at it twice. On the other hand, there have been quite a number of articles that I chanced upon (and there are friends on AC which I totally enjoy their writings), and I would be so engrossed reading and I realized them not including any SEO optimization at all. But yet, I feel that they don’t need to and their articles are already beautiful just like that. However, it doesn’t mean that I do not enjoy reading an article that is filled with keywords. I do, as long as there is something enjoyable for me to read, making me think and a foreword or stuff like that.

If you are someone whom enjoys writing so much, and you would want to consider jumping into the techniques and improve your ranking on search engines, there are many sites that do teach step by step. Nowadays, information is everywhere and anywhere and it’s just a matter of clicking, reading and implementing. Why not tweak your older articles for better optimization and hence, raising the bar of your articles being discovered. It can be done, as long as you want it.