Some of my favorite places to find deals – are online! You can find so many bargains online from books ( to electronics ( to shoes ( Now shopping the sales and clearances at these stores are great! But what if you combined them with … coupon codes! That’s right many stores offer codes that you can enter when you check out – that can get you free shipping, 10 % off your order, or sometimes a free gift with any purchase.
One way to get the coupon codes and know the sales is to sign up for the store’s newsletter to be delivered to your e-mail. If you’re a frequent shopper of Blair then you might want to sign up for their online newsletter. Recently they offered 20% off any one clearance item, but only to newsletter subscribers. Now some codes are for everyone’s use and you don’t have to subscribe to newsletters to get them. These codes can be found at sites such as: , , and .

Now what if you need help with everything – the sales, the coupon codes, the stores – well there are tons of great, FREE sites out there which pretty much do all the work for you! One of my favorite places to check out whenever I’m looking for help with online shopping is – on their site you can find the top 5 (or more) deals for that day ranging from a clothes hamper to a pair of Etnies ™ shoes. There’s also a forum where other people can post the deals they find online. Another place I like to checkout is they have an online forum in which they post great deals. When you get to the site click on “Forums” and then scroll down and click on “Screaming Deals Online”. Both of the above sites offer daily newsletters where they alert you of the latest and greatest online deals.

Now as you shop online be very mindful not to get sucked in! It’s very easy to think you need a new deluxe set of micro fiber towels – only 19.99 today, when really those kitchen scrubbies you’ve been using work just fine J ! As always stay mindful of what you buy, and remember to make sure everything is really what you want.