Everyone in SEO knows that do follow links are very important to rank high in Google search results. The other biggest factor is how much of an authority Google feels a site is meaning that some back links will count more than others, if Google feels it comes from a more worthy source. This is a little SEO method for getting high authority do follow links from Google itself, what could be a higher authority site in Google’s eyes than one of their own websites?
This method I am referring to is Google’s new web site called Google Knol. Knol is Googl’e version of Wikipedia, but unlike Wikipedia it allows you to post whatever you want, links included, and you have the option of disallowing others from editing it. Because Google Knol is created to be a database of information, much like Wikipedia, Google considers Knol to be a very high authority website, thus links coming from Knols that you publish are worth quite a bit.

Google Knols provide a few additional benefits. First of all you can write about anything you please. This means you can make posts about your topic for highly relevant back links. Relevancy is a another key factor in the eyes of Google for measuring the authority of a back link. In addition to this you can actually get both traffic and money with no effort from Google Knols that you write. This is because Google allows you to add AdSense code to you Knol, so you get paid for visitors and their clicks. In addition, since Google feels that Knols are a wealth of knowledge, they will rank in search engines without you having to build back links to them. This means that you can get free traffic to your back links that you post in your Knols.

Now on to the method. Simply sign up for an account over at Google Knol. Once you have done this you are able to write your own knols, as well as comment on others. If you simply want to post a few links you can use traditional commenting, like in blogs, to post comments with your URLs on relevant Knols published by other people. You now have a free high authority, do follow, link from Google itself.

The second method, especially useful if you have many sites to link to from a specific niche, and in order to bring in visitors which Google will pay you for directly on your Knol through AdSense. Publish your own Knols. Just 200 words will be enough. You can incorporate as many high authority do follow back links into each knol as you like. Additionally you can sell them, encourage clicks, to get some free traffic bonuses. Now, to make them even higher authority, simply throw a few outside back links at your new Knol. Another great feature of Google Knols is that you can edit them at any time. This allows you to add as many new back links whenever you want in just a few minutes.

Now you have a great SEO method, a way to get high authority, do follow, back links from Google itself. You are able to make these relevant and get more every few minutes. Just rinse and repeat and you have one of the best back link building SEO methods around.