What Free Blogs Are
A free blog is basically a Web site that’s been set up as an online journal or diary. A place, where you can basically write about anything you like, and or possibly collect links, movies, music et all, to share with your visitors.

Just Do It

Many people shy away from free blogs because they think there’s a lot of work and possibly some hidden fee involved to get a free blog setup, but this isn’t true at all. There are numerous free blog sites you can join and get started writing in literally minutes with absolutely no cost whatsoever. This example free blog took me less than 5 minutes to sign up, choose a template, and write a first test post:, all for free.

The Beauty of Free Blog Marketing

The beauty of marketing with free blogs is that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are always hungry for, and constantly looking for new, unique, and organically grown content. What we mean by “organically grown” is that the search engines look at the content of your blog and keep track of when pages are added, and based on some “super secret” algorithm that calculates (guesstimates) if the pages are original “human entered” pages as opposed to some sort of automated system, like RSS feeds, or copy-pasted from another source. The calculation is loosely based on the concept of “how many pages can a human enter in a day,” and is the content original, compared to existing content already in the search engines databases.

Get The Most Out of Your Free Blog

To get the most out of your free blog, try to make your main keyword part of your subdomain (or URL) name. Also, make sure to write your entries so they are densely populated with highly popular keywords targeted toward the main theme of your blog. If allowed, add Adsense and other forms of advertising like text and inline advertising. Add social bookmark widgets to make it easy for visitors to bookmark your free blog site and pages.

Some Popular Totally Free Blog Sites
Marketing your products or services couldn’t be easier with free blogs, though it may take a little time to build a following. Keep your heart up about it. Don’t ever give up. Keep at it. Be sure to add a page or two each day, and watch your popularity grow with the search engines and visitors.