In an attempt to grow my primary business, I became a U-Haul dealership in 2011. While operating this business I quickly learned the many benefits of adding a dealership to my existing primary business. The following is a short list of just some of those benefits.

Brand Recognition

The U-Haul name is the most popular brand associated with the move it yourself industry. When you become a dealership and you hang the globally recognized U-Haul logo in your window you will build credibility to your primary business just for being associated with the company. When you have a small fleet of big and bright trucks and trailers in your front parking lot, customers will see these massive billboards and they will remember your location the next time they need to rent a truck.

A Passive Income

Being a U-Haul dealership is the closest method to a passive income that a physical business will have. There are no upfront costs to develop the business or to maintain the fleet on your location. The corporation will market your business for you in local phonebooks and other local media as well as promote you globally from their website when renters search for locations in your area no matter where they may be located. When a rental comes to your dealership, you spend about five minutes on paperwork and preparation to hand the truck to your customer and you earn a decent commission for being there with the equipment.

Primary Business Builder

In some cases, adding a U-Haul dealership to your primary business can actually exponentially grow your business. If your primary business happens to be a storage facility, gas station, garage or other related business, having a dealership is a great way to draw an increasing amount of steady traffic to your business. This traffic is a great way to bring free advertising for your business to local consumers that may lead to future sales for your primary.

Growth Potential

U-Haul does not just rent trucks and trailers. There is a wide array of income opportunities for their thousands of dealers across the country. Some of these methods include renting storage units for destination storage centers, selling retired U-Haul trucks, and opening a U-Box location where you can arrange for the rental and on site storage of the company’s special transportable storage products. For more information, established dealers can ask their area representatives.