Twitter is but one of the many social media giants that have taken the net (and world) by storm. Although used predominantly by normal users, the business has found Twitter to be a fantastic tool to drive traffic to their websites and convert those visitors into sales.
It’s quite common to see many business owners with the intent of using Twitter for their business only fail with a lack of response, traffic and community building. These users that abuse social media services like Twitter will often become discouraged and blow it off as a complete waste of time; on the contrary, Twitter has now shown to be one of the greatest ways to drive free traffic to your website.

In this article, all things will change; not only will you learn what it takes to build a community but how to send a massive amount of traffic to your website using the social media service.

1) Create an engaging profile

Twitter is limited to 140 characters or less but that doesn’t mean you don’t have space to tell an additional story. Use your background and profile description to tell more about yourself; it’s simple and easy to set up – the benefits are amazing.

2) Share interesting links (that are not yours)

When using Twitter for a business it’s important to share links that aren’t your own. Nobody likes people that only promote themselves; be a team player by promoting other content.

3) Have one-on-one discussions

Twitter, at its core, is used to talk to other users. Don’t forget to always take the time to have conversations with others. Go out of your way to help others when they have a problem or question. Be there, be active.

On occasion, you should send out your own content. If you’re using Twitter for business, you’ll need to put it to work for you so first create great content then share it on the social media service.

4) Integrate Twitter into your other campaigns

Finally, Twitter doesn’t have to be restricted to the website or an app; expand your Twitter reach by including it in your business emails, website content and even on your business cards – bring in more people that are the game.

5) Pepper in your own links

6) Create a conversation

If you have something interesting to say; say it! People are dying to talk about any number of subjects using Twitter – just send out a question or comment and you can start a discussion within minutes. Your discussion could later lead to individual chats with Twitter users and finally a click through to visit your website.