Customer relationship management software is essential to any growing business that has customers. That includes basically any business, small or large, either currently running sales or marketing departments or doing their own sales and marketing such a small business.

CRM for Lead Management

Lead neglect is attributed to an estimated 80% of all lost sales. Whatever size business you are running, this hard fact cannot be ignored and although it is difficult to manage your entire set of leads and potential leads if you aren’t properly organizing these figures your business cannot realize its full potential.

CRM for Sales Management

Sales management through CRM solutions allows any business to target their best possible lead sources, organize and streamline the entire sales process and properly follow up with clients.

CRM for All Businesses

What is most important about CRM packages is that they allow small businesses and large businesses to get the most out of their most important company departments: Marketing and Sales.

While these factors often wait on the back burner in some small businesses, with the owners working frivolously to build up the business and develop its main structure, money is essentially going down the drain.

Big businesses might hire numerous employees for these departments, with each salesperson and marketing coordinator left to organize and maintain their own agenda for the lead and client relationships.

AimPromote offers sales and leads CRM management solutions that mould these processes together and create streamlined solutions. This saves your business money and time while making you money, developing your customer relationships and building up a competitive and comprehensive lead list.

The aim promotes CRM packages are unique because their solution can be implemented in days and they make them easy to work with, maintain and customize. Their CRM solution allows sales force automation and sales management features that go above and beyond the typical CRM software.

Their lead attention meter is a unique feature of the CRM package that allows you to view your current lead list in a way that charts the amount of attention each possible lead is receiving, with easy to view bar graphs and charts.

After building up an incredible, organized lead list for your business you can manage all lead reselling through their lead reselling account. Harness the commodity you’ve developed by working with your clients, building up leads and promoting the list to other businesses.

Your aim promotes account can be completely customized with one click, and will completely change, organize and improve your current business sales process strategy. Check out their unique packages at