Basic Qualities of a Good Call Center: Getting Services from Professional Agents for Customer Satisfaction

The provision of call center services have become one of the most effective ways of meeting customer needs, boosting sales or service patronage, and ensuring ultimate business success. However, setting up and running a company-owned customer service telephony centre is usually considered expensive. As a result, more companies prefer hiring external firms with the appropriate technology to provide that essential customer service requirement. This practice of hiring external call center companies is what is known as call centre outsourcing.

As observed by Dr. Tim Bolte, in the December issue of SAP Insider in the article “Still Struggling to Reduce Call center Cost Without Loosing Customers,” getting efficient call centers that also meet the expectation of customers is a major challenge faced by many business organizations. This is mainly due to the proliferation of companies most of which do not have the right technology and systems for operating such customer services.

In outsourcing call centre services, therefore, business organisations have to look for companies with the following ideal qualities of a good call center. These qualities are necessary for meeting customer needs and offering professional call center solutions to business problems.

Good Call Center Technology

World-class call centers are those with state of the art technology and all the effective systems. Such systems facilitate the quick processing of inbound and outbound calls. Good technology and systems also facilitate the capturing and processing of essential customer information through inbound and outbound calls, which may be useful for market research, branding and other marketing strategies. Well-equipped companies will also have effective emergency backup systems to take care of any unexpected hitches. Businesses should therefore do an assessment of the technological capability of prospective call center outsourcing companies before deciding the one to be hired for the provision of call center services.

Professional and Skilled Operators

Call technology equipment and software alone cannot offer quality service. Good call centers therefore have highly trained professionals to operate a center’s facilities. Such trained agents are usually friendly and outgoing. They know how to effectively handle customers even when they (the customers) are difficult to handle. Customers may sometimes need immediate information when they call customer service centers and it takes trained agents to meet such needs. Professionals also know how to handle customers who may be angry over a deal or transaction with a client company. Professional call agents approach their work with a ‘human touch’ and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Flexibility to Changing Business Trends

Well-run outsourced customer service centers are those that demonstrate high level of flexibility that allows them to adapt to changing requirements of a client company. They are ready to offer tailor-made packages for clients at all times.

Multilingual Call Center Agents

In a globalising market environment, businesses do not target customers from only one geographic area with a common language. Customers may come from different parts of the world speaking different languages. Though it is impossible to have a company staffed with agents who speak all languages in the world, world-class call centers will always have call agents capable of offering services to prospective customers in any of the dominant languages like French, English and Spanish. Multilingual call centres are the best.

Good Reputation and Track Record

Quality call centers are those with good business reputation reflective in their clientele. Like any other good firm, a good outsourcing company will have a good corporate philosophy.

When deciding to outsource a call centre service, businesses should always look for companies that have quality technology and systems, professional and skilled operators, flexibility to adapt to changing trends, multilingual call agents, and a good reputation and track record.