With the hustle and bustle of life so few of us really ever make it to the library or bookstore to stock our erotic library. I myself have long since purchased my own online and have composed a list of some of my preferred booksellers.

  1. Ellora’s Cave- This website publishes titles twice a week and has proved itself one of the leaders in the market. There are various titles and themes to choose from, the website is easy to navigate and I find the pricing pretty reasonable. For those who still prefer their books in the paperback form, they also have an extensive bookstore catering to that need as well.
  2. Phaze- Phaze is another bookstore with an impressive collection and the luxury of publishing about once a week. Besides enjoying the books themselves, I also enjoy their programs to make their authors available to their readers via online conversations, their newsletters and more.
  3. All Romance Ebooks- If you’re like me and sometimes a little too lazy for your own good, this website might be for you. A series of publishers post their offerings on ARE and you can browse them without hitting their individual websites. ARE is another company that looks to encourage reader and writer interaction producing a podcast, a newsletter and several other avenues for the reader to become involved.
  4. Loose Id- This is another of my sources that has contributed majorly to my collection. With a wide selection of titles and authors to choose from, Loose recently changed their website for easier navigation. My favorite authors continue their relationships with this company and in time I continue my relationship with this company.
  5. Diesel Ebooks- Though they have compiled an awesome collection of books on all subjects, I still can’t stop going to their erotic section to see what they’re going to add next. Because they bring various publishers together on their website, Diesel has more choices than most readers can imagine. I prefer this site because of the opportunity to leave honest feedback for future readers to peruse before making their own purchases.

Please keep in mind that this list is composed of erotica sellers that cover a wide variety of genres in one place. There are plenty of niche websites out there catering to one particular audience. Because of the community of writers online I suggest checking out this larger collections and then going to an author’s page once you find you like their writing style or the particular genre that they write for. At their page you’ll often be connected to these smaller boutique publishers and even to other writers with similar storylines.